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چند وقنی که
این موضوع
مشغول کرده
که اگر در
گذشته سفر
کنیم (البته
فرض کنید
قادر به
هستید) چه
اینکه سعی
می کنید چه
کارهایی رو
انجام بدبد
و چه
کارهایی رو
انجام ندید . ...
the number of bars is 23,i built the cot myself.a snail's shell
thats made of nails,that hold in place my waning strength.a place
amongst the desolation,measures i brought upon myself....
to know of loneliness, but not to keep it. grabbing for more, but
habit of company pulls it away. this is the negative, not the
loneliness itself. purposeful isolation. i seek it. i don't know
it, but i want to experience it so that i ...
acatalepsy (from the greek ??-, privative, and ?????????????, to
seize), in philosophy, is incomprehensibleness, or the impossibility
of comprehending or conceiving a thing. the pyrrhonians and skeptics,
and even plato's academy ...
Title: acatalepsy Author: rawryaoi Rating: Ah, PG. Genre: General
Pairing(s): Erm, none, all, or any of your choosing. Summary:
coruscation. halation. that is what it means to be a big bang. but no
one really cares. ...
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well acatalepsy is an fun word that i picked up that means: state of
being impossible to understand; impossible to understand something.
well hopefully this post doesn't cause you(hehe) to not understand
and instead causes you(hehe) to ...
google that. slowly but barely things are changing. nothing major to
talk of still, but the physical therapist was "complaining"
she was getting a lot more resistance. she wasn't really
complaining, she was more talking about the fact ... ...
acatalepsy (gr. a-, privative, and katalambanein, to seize), a term
used in scepticism to denote incomprehensibility.
this lack of knowability is called "acatalepsy" as deemed by
the first skeptic philosopher pyrrho. in a similar vein to
pyrrho's skepticism the sophist gorgias claimed that: 1.) nothing
exists 2.) if anything did exist nothing could be ...
i was reading murder in the cathedral today while the man behind me
sang quietly to himself, it was strangely affecting. ill the wind, ill
the time, uncertain the profit, certain the danger.
this is the first post in the new site, so i should…
Incomprehensibility of things; the doctrine held by the ancient
Skeptic philosophers, that human knowledge never amounts to certainty,
but only to probability.
acatalepsy nedir? 1. inanзsızlık;. 2. anlama gьзlьğь.
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