On Feb 3, 5:59*am, "W. eWatson" wrote:
> I have FF running on both my old PC, and have fired it up on my new W7
> PC. I probably have a fair idea to transfer book marks from one to the
> other, but, before I do that, I think my XP bmks are in desperate need
> of organization. If it's to my advantage, or even possible, it might be
> create several bmks, and use them as separate profiles. I have no idea
> if profiles are even used in FF. Perhaps one can have bmks for
> categories like automobiles, trains, airplanes, vacations, etc.?

You can set up different profiles in Firefox. But for what you want
to do, that would probably be inconvenient to have to shut down
Firefox and start a new instance in the other profile (or you could
run more than one profile at a time with the appropriate option). But
your best bet may be to read up on how to use tags & keywords in
bookmarks in addition to sorting your bookmarks in folders in order to
make them work for you as efficiently as possible.

With tags for example, no matter where the bookmarks are in the folder
structure, if you assigned a tag to it called trains, then when you
type trains in the address bar not only will any bookmark or history
entry (by default - you can change that) that have the word train in
the URL or title show up, but also any bookmark to which you've
assigned the tag "train" will show up in the drop down. And you can
assign something more than one tag. For example a bookmark might fall
into the category of trains and vacations at the same time so you
assign it both keywords so either of those keywords will hit on that

Just found this page that looks like it might offer some good tips
(didn't read through all the details, so no guarantees...)