On Feb 18, 12:31*am, John H Meyers wrote:
> On 2/17/2010 7:25 PM:
> > Thunderbird 3 can also hide sub-threads.
> > Since no useful sub-threads are likely to arise from spam,
> > hiding spam messages with this function is useful.

> I do not understand this. *Where is this function?

You have to set up a "filter" in order to achieve this. It's in the
scroll menu for actions to take, when you make a message filter. It's
useful, but it's still not the ability to delete just a message you
want to delete. The way they do it now, the only way you can delete a
message is by setting a filter for it. Problem is, not only is that
tedious, but it doesn't do anything when you run the filter "now".
The filter only takes effect beginning with the next batch of headers
you download. You have to go into folder properties, select to
rebuild the index, and re-download headers from scratch if you want
your new filter to delete desired messages.

I'm thinking the reason some people just don't get the inconvenience
of this, is because maybe they've never used a real news reader
before, like Forte Agent. Thunderbird has miles to go in the news
reading area, just to be average.

> Can it permanently hide any chosen individual messages or set,
> without using some other independent attribute (e.g. "read"),
> thus sacrificing some other important function instead,
> with no net progress towards functional completeness?
> > I agree that one should have more control
> > over which headers actually appear in the list.

> I didn't bring this up myself,
> but I do see "All" vs. "Normal" under "View" > "Headers"
> --