On Nov 28, 4:30*pm, Chris Ilias wrote:
> _Background_
> Currently, there is a moderation policy in the support newsgroups, that
> anyone who posts an excessive amount of off-topic messages is first
> asked to stop; and if they don't stop, we are allowed to remove any
> subsequent off-topic messages by that person. See
> .
> _Personal Attacks_
> The first rule of etiquette at
> is to be civil.
> Personal attacks are considered a more severe offence, and yet we don't
> have a concrete policy for removing them. Would we would like to know is:
> Should we be removing posts containing personal attacks? ( Yes / No )
> If so, at should a warning be required first? ( Yes / No )
> If the post is not off-topic (support discussion), yet contains a
> personal attack, should it be removed? ( Yes / No )
> Your comments about these issues (if any).
> Note that this only applies to news.mozilla.org. Posts on Google Groups
> are not removed.
> In order to keep these newsgroups focused on support,
> *I have set replies to this post to be sent to mozilla.general*.
> *Any replies posted to the support groups will be removed*.
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> Chris Ilias
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I find that for most part the community at large will be your best
guide as to when someone has crossed the line with a personal attack.
Unless a serious line has been crossed (racial, inciting hatred) I
think a warning first would be appropriate.