I am making a simple time sheet for which people can register times
worked on a bug real quickly.
But the hours added to the bugs_activity table are not noticed

here is a simple made up line

Bugzilla::Bug::LogActivityEntry(1, 'work_time', 0, 66, 1, '2010-01-12

Pretty much, add 66 hours to bug 1, work time. This executes like I
would expect but does nothing else. I also need to send e-mails and
add comments. is this a huge undertaking or what ?
What I would need is what else is required of me, this is just a batch
job that runs when the user presses submit and this info can be on
many bugs. I know how to get the bugs, user and such, just not
registering the hours, I need the final item. This can be almost as
rough as the example above.

I am using Bugzilla 3.4.4