Hi All,
I am using a subversion repository browser known as "Sventon".Where
the user can browse the repository and see the diff,log e.t.c.
I am using scmbug.so when ever I commit a file against a bugid i get
to see the affected file list in comment section in bugzilla.
There i want to add the Sventon link for that file.ex pom.xml
link should be something like--http://localhost:8082/svn/repos/TAC/
show/branches/aglite/pom.xml.by which developer can see the

i modified the "comments.html.tmpl".i added the line given below

[%- text = text.replace('([0-9]+|NONE)\s+-->\s+([0-9]+|NONE)\s+
([^:]+)(.+)/([^/\n]+)?)', '$1 -%]

Then in the bugzilla i encountered with the following error.

file error - parse error - bug/comments.html.tmpl line 225: unexpected
token (' NONE)\s+([^:]+)(.+)/([^/\n]+)?)', '$1 %]

is there any onter way to achieve this.