I'm testing my upgrade to 3.4.4 from 3.2.5 and I'm getting the error
that the table fielddefs is missing some fields and yes it does. What
is the correct way to fix this? Why didn't the checksetup do it?

The error is the following:
DBD::mysql::db selectall_arrayref failed: Unknown column 'buglist' in
'field list' [for Statement "SELECT
id,name,description,type,custom,mailhead,sortkey,o bsolete,enter_bug,buglist,visibility_field_id,visi bility_value_id,value_field_id
FROM fielddefs WHERE custom = ? AND obsolete = ? ORDER BY sortkey,
name"] at Bugzilla/Object.pm line 238
Bugzilla::Object::_do_list_select('Bugzilla::Field ', 'custom = ? AND
obsolete = ?', 'ARRAY(0x2b9c2cc)', undef) called at Bugzilla/Object.pm
line 220
Bugzilla::Object::match('Bugzilla::Field', 'HASH(0x2a52414)') called
at Bugzilla/Field.pm line 246
Bugzilla::Field::match('Bugzilla::Field', 'HASH(0x2a52414)') called
at Bugzilla.pm line 463
Bugzilla::active_custom_fields('Bugzilla') called at c:\bugzilla
\query.cgi line 173
main::PrefillForm('') called at c:\bugzilla\query.cgi line 213

Thanks in advance for your help.