I'm trying to move my old bugs from a bugzilla database 2.18 version
to a new install in a new machine with 3.0.4 or later version. I run
the following command:

mysqldump --opt --password=sockmonkey --user=bugs bugs

mysql --password=sockmonkey --user=bugs bugs < C:\bugzilla

I have obtained some errors:

Software error:
DBD::mysql::db selectrow_hashref failed: Unknown column
'profiles.disable_mail' in 'field list' [for Statement "
SELECT profiles.userid AS
id,profiles.login_name,profiles.realname,profiles. mybugslink AS
showmybugslink,profiles.disabledtext,profiles.disa ble_mail FROM
WHERE userid = ?"] at Bugzilla/Object.pm line 69
Bugzilla::Object::_init('Bugzilla::User', 2) called at Bugzilla/
Object.pm line 40
Bugzilla::Object::new('Bugzilla::User', 2) called at Bugzilla/User.pm
line 131
Bugzilla::User::new('Bugzilla::User', 2) called at Bugzilla/Auth/
Verify.pm line 111
('Bugzilla::Auth::Verify:B=ARRAY(0x26f3ed4)', 'HASH(0x27c29cc)')
called at Bugzilla/Auth.pm line 74
Bugzilla::Auth::login('Bugzilla::Auth=ARRAY(0x26af aac)', 2) called at
Bugzilla.pm line 232
Bugzilla::login('Bugzilla', 0) called at C:/Program Files/Apache
Software Foundation/Apache2.2/www/bugzilla/index.cgi line 40

Can I import/export database into different bugzilla version?

Thanks a lot.