Also, try editing newchangedmail.txt.tmpl in the templates folder.

On Oct 9, 8:08*am, "Edwin Soh" wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using bugzilla v2.20.1. I would like to know how to modify the bug mail
> send out to either remove some fields displayed or add in some fields that
> are not displayed, which I had added in the scripts\tables myself for each
> bugs. Is it somewhere in the editparams.cgi shown below?
> Thanks very much for your help.
> From: bugzilla-daemon
> To: %to%
> Subject: [Bug %bugid%] %product% - %neworchanged%%summary%
> %threadingmarker%
> X-Bugzilla-Reason: %reasonsheader%
> X-Bugzilla-Product: %product%
> X-Bugzilla-Component: %component%
> %urlbase%show_bug.cgi?id=%bugid%