Hi all,
I have a Windows 2008 shared server package with our website host. the
package allows for Perl, PHP and MySQL.

I copied up the my local install to a folder on the web host's wwwroot
folder called "qatracker" and placed the files in here.

The bugzilla install is 3.0.2 and was working on Apache. When i go to
the web address www.****.com/qatracker/index.cgi i get the following
'D:\CustomerData\webspaces\webspace_********\wwwro ot\qatracker
\index.cgi' script produced no output

I looked at the details on http://www.bugzilla.org/docs/2.20/ht....html#http-iis
to setup IIS which say that a specific mapping needs to be created but
the hosting company do not allow this on a shared package.
the cgi mapping currently is like this:
Mappings to Perl are read only.

Extension: .cgi
Type: System
Modified: No
Enabled: Yes

The HTTP verb (or HTTP method) is an instruction sent in a request
message that notifies an HTTP server of the action to perform on the
specified resource. For example, "GET" specifies that a resource is
being retrieved from the server


Required access: Script
Verify that file exists: On
(Select to instruct the Web server to verify the existence of the
requested script file and to ensure that the requesting user has
access permission for that script file. If the script does not exist
or the user does not have permission, the appropriate warning message
is returned to the browser and the script engine is not invoked. This
option can be useful for scripts mapped to non-CGI executables, such
as the Perl interpreter, that do not send a CGI response if the script
is not accessible. Because the script must be opened twice, once by
the server and once by the script engine, enabling this option can
impact performance.)

Any ideas as to how i would get this working would be great. The
reason i went with a windows package is that we might put a ASP.net
site up on the same place at another time.