After installing bugzilla I opened it for the first time through
and was working perfectly, I just tested to login then logout and was
functioning very good. then I tried to test the https port but I
noticed that the html comes up without any theme (css) on it, like if
I'm under a text-based browser ... I'm not sure if this was a feature
in bugzilla to reduce data-load over https or what exactly ...
I re-opened bugzilla under http and seem that it was ok again ...

Anyway I then opened administration then initial configuration then I
choose to "Always use https" then save changes ... what happened after
that that bugzilla turned again to be without any-style, I tried bothe
https and http but nothing, I changed the configuration back to "Never
use https" but nothing changed, now my bugzilla installation for
somereason has not any css style and looks really uguly ... any help
on how to solve this please?