what i need is to manage the support of many customers in addition to
our support department (it is necessary in order to choose Bugzilla as
issue tracking software in our department):
1-- let the customer add/edit bugs (when trying to add a new bug, only
one product should be selected).
2-- each customer see only his bugs (via the search page)
3-- let the customer see only in the CC list and the Assign To , the
members of our Support department.
4-- our support department reply to all customers bugs
5-- let our support department add/edit his own bugs that should not
be seen by any customer.

I am thinking to add a Product for each customer. in addition add a
product for the internal support department work.

Can someone help me in managing the needed permissions and
configuration at the level of groups and products ("Edit Group Access
Controls" ...etc).

Thank you so much in advance