I have an organization question, sort of what do you think and if you
can point me to some examples.
Let's say I have:
Classification - Website
Product1 - Address page
Product2 - Tools page

Each product has components:
Component1 - UI
Component2 - Documenation
Component3 - Help

Here comes the question. I need to submit a UI related bug, so I would
choose Component1 - UI. However I know that if UI is incorrect, this
means I need to change Documentation and probably Help too. Yes, I can
submit 3 bugs and even make them dependent, which is a good and clean
approach. But I'm afraid this will quickly turn into a burden and will
defy the purpose, I'm afraid people will not do it.

How can I organize the structure so I can track such issues? Is there
a way to use flags, custom fields? Does anybody have any examples?

Thanks for your opinions.