On May 29, 6:59*am, "Kerry, Richard"
> Can you just clarify something please.
> When you say:
> > * a) Entry: product_enter
> > * b) MemberControl/OtherControl: product_read
> > * c) Canedit: product_edit
> > * d) editcomponents: product_modify
> > * e) canconfirm: product_edit
> > * f) editbugs: product_edit

> Do you mean that:
> a. product_enter group needs to have Entry turned on and all others don't.. *(and only Entry needs to be set as the other fields will be handled byinheritance)

Yes, inheritance should handle that.

> b. product_read group needs to have a specific setting for Member/OtherControl (Mandatory/Mandatory ?).

Yes, that is how you control if someone can see the product or not.

> c,d,e. product_(modify|edit|edit) need to have editcomponents|canconfirm|editbugs turned on and all others don't. *(and only editcomponents|canconfirm|editbugs needs to be set as the other fields will be handled by inheritance)
> ?

product_modify should only have editcomponents, and no others should.
product_edit should have canconfirm and editbugs, and no others