On May 27, 3:24*am, "Alasdair White" wrote:
> I currently have my website hosted by eukhost.com on a shared Linux server.
> Due to this fact I don't have full system access. I only have access via
> CPanel software.

Bugzilla is designed to only run on a system where you have root
access. Doesn't mean you can't do it, just raises the possibility.

> I would like to use Bugzilla so my customers can submit bug reports over the
> web, but haven't been able to figure out how I go about it.

You should develop a local copy of it so that your localconfig and
data/params files can be created. You'll also need to get the
database set up. Once you have those files and the database, you
could untar the whole Bugzilla package on the server, and add your
customized localconfig and data/params. Then cross your fingers and
let'er rip. At least that is what I'd do. There is really a lot more
to it that you may run into in the future.