On May 12, 3:29*am, Iman Mukherjee wrote:
> Hi !
> I have successfully installed Bugzilla on Fedora 8. Now I have to installit
> on another system. Can I simply copy the /var/www/ and /var/mail/ to the new
> system?
> and just install the modules thru the CPAN bundle?
> and start MySQL, Apache and sendmail?
> Do I need to do anything more?

You always have to run checksetup.pl. That will set permissions and
whatnot. You need to copy over any Apache customizations too. If you
want what is in your database, which includes custom fields, you need
to dump the database and restore it on the new box.

Did you run this setup using a Fedora package, or did you download
Bugzilla via CVS or the bugzilla.org website?