On May 1, 4:39*pm, Thorsten Schöning wrote:
> Guten Tag Kapila Kohli,
> am Freitag, 1. Mai 2009 um 07:39 schrieben Sie:
> > * I need to find out the list of files checked in for a particular bugId for
> > CVS env.
> > Should be able to *execute on windows & linux both, any one have ideaabout
> > this?
> > i.e a kinda a script in which we give argument as bugID & it generate all
> > the checked in files?

> I'm not sure I understand what exactly you want to do. What do you
> mean with checked in files in CVS environment? Do you look for an
> integration of CVS commit messages with Bugzilla bugs? Do you mean
> attachments to a specific bug?
> Integration of Bugzilla and CVS is achievable in many ways, one is
> SCMBug. In most cases the files in a commit and the message of the
> commit is just appended as a special formatted commit to a Bugzilla
> bug. If you want to get the list of files after committing, what to do
> highly depends on your integration mechanism and is not that easy.
> http://www.mkgnu.net/
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Hi Thorsten,
Thanks once again for reply. My ques is not about integration, but
ways to find out CVS checked in files wrt a bugid in bugzilla.
I have a written a one liner -
mysql user -ppassword -e "SELECT thetext FROM longdescs where
bug_id=14403;"|awk -F"IN:" '{print $2}'|sed 's/[^ ]* //'|sed 's/[$ ]
* //'|sed -e 's/\\n//g'

thsi gives list of files like-

TESTKK/testing-file.txt\t1.16 1.17
TESTKK/testing-file.txt\t1.17 1.18
TESTKK/testing-file.txt\t1.51 1.52
TESTKK/testing-file.txt\t1.52 1.53
TESTKK/testing-file.txt\t1.53 NONE
TESTKK/testing-file.txt\t1.53 NONE
TESTKK/testing-file.txt\t1.53 1.54
TESTKK/testing-file.txt\t1.54 NONE

But this is applicable only if i give a username & paswwrd. + not god
format for printing.
Can you suggest any thing in this?