Did you make any changes to the template for edit bugs or to the
process_bug.cgi file? Looks like one of these got changed so that a
field value is not being transmitted from HTML.

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On Apr 27, 3:00*am, "flora.cao" wrote:
> *Hi,
> I got a problem in editing bug. When I commit a new bug, there is no error,
> but after I edit the bug and commit, it showed the error as follows:
> Bugzilla has suffered an internal error. Please save this page and send it
> to flora....@weikegaming.com with details of what you were doing at the time
> this message appeared.
> URL:http://bugsrv/bugzilla/process_bug.cgi
> Form field bug_file_loc was not defined.
> It is urgent, who can tell me how to fix it? :-(
> Thanks & BR,
> Flora