On Apr 13, 3:58*pm, "Jason H." wrote:
> How do I do all this??

Start with Bugzilla/User.pm. There you can define certain custom
fields, their default values, and how those fields should be handled.

> a boolean "Activate" column which the Admin can "check off"

This is 'disabled_text' field. You can just add this field to the
create-account template's form.

For all of this, there are three pieces you need to understand
1) Templates: The user-side interface
2) Objects: The perl modules (User.pm) that configure each object and
what can be done to them.
3) CGI Scripts: The cgi handlers that call the Objects and pass $vars
to the Templates.

For most complex changes such as adding new fields for a user, you
will need to edit all three types of files. Most smaller changes can
be limited to the Templates only.