On Mar 23, 5:01*pm, "Cynthia Lea****" wrote:
> I am on bugzilla 3.0.4 and I have a question about a search. *Can you do
> a search and have it to sort by severity and not priority? *If the Sort
> results area if you select importance that give you a sort by priority.

As a user, you have two options.
1) Click on the Severity heading in your search results to re-order
the results. During subsequent searches, you can then choose 'Reuse
Same Sort As Last Time' to continue to sort by Severity
2) Alter the order= parameter in your URL. If you pick Importance, it
will display as &order=Importance. You want to change it to say
&order=bug_severity or &order=bugs.bug_severity. Either will work.

As a Bugzilla Admin, you can add the "Severity" to the list. See this
line of code:
You will need to add a description for that option here:
You probably want it to be "Severity" = "bug_severity".