Hi List,

I would like to know the exact steps needed to:

1.) Have the name of the product in the subject, this way we can scan
the emails quickly for anything for a product. I know you can goto the
web page and search but it makes handling the emails easier
2.) The new status of the bug in the subject of the email. Same reason
as above


i am using Bugzilla version 3.0
as far as i have researched:

this can be specified in BugMail.pm, which in my case is in /var/www/
html/bugzilla-3.0/Bugzilla directory
now exactly WHERE , i could not find a post that explains it

There is also a notion of using newchangedmail.txt.tmpl , BUT How?
also not posted anywhere

i would also like to know if i need to run checksetup after i make the
changes ( hopefully someone will answer this and we will all know WHAT
are the changes required)