I am currently creating an extension that has two views: an overlay of
browser.xul, and a stand alone window. So, right now I have three .xul
files for my extension.

1) My actual UI
2) Code to overlay browser.xul with my UI
3) Code to show my UI in a stand alone window.

In my UI, there are certain properties I would like to persist. I can
persist values for each view. However, the persisted values do not
translate between views. For example, a persisted hidden value in the
stand-alone window does not persist to the overlay view even though
the elements in each view have the same ids. Looking at
localstore.rdf, it seems the Firefox stores persisted values by .xul
file path + element id. This makes me believe that there isn't an easy
way to persist across multiple xul files.

Does anybody know a way to do this without basically reimplementing
the persist feature? Is there a way I could restructure my .xul files
to make it work? Any help would be much appreciated.