Ciao all,

I'm using a XUL:iframe within a XULopup,
which is shown when user mouseover a
specific element in current page (e.g. an
anchor). Within the "onpopupshowing" event,
the iframe loads a remote HTML page containing
some extra information about the anchor.
When user mouseout the anchor, the popup
is hidden.

So far so good.

My problem is that, when user mouseover a
second anchor in the page (that is, the popup
has already been shown once), the contents
of the HTML page related to the first anchor
are visible in the iframe until the HTML page
related to the second anchor is loaded.

Since the above is not very pretty visually, my
question is: is there any way to "reset" an iframe,
so that the next time it appears on screen it
has a blank content?

I tried to load "about:blank" in the iframe within
the "onpopuphidden" event, but no better.

I also tried to add/remove the iframe dynamically,
so that I do not reuse the same one, but again
no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.