Hello folks,

my company is looking for an extension developer. We have the need to
develop an extension that, upon a search within a search engine (ie:
google) the web browser will re-format the results in 2 different
ways upon user's choice:

1) show a graphic logo beside certain results (upon checking priory
within my company's database) and when mousing over the logo, popping
up a window containing certain things, taken from my company's db
2) all of the above, but re-ordering the results coming from the
search engine query.

You can have an example of the functionality as per point #1 by
downloading and installing the xmarks's extension:
You can see a sample of the work done by the extension by watching
picture (our plugin will do basically the same as xmarks's one, even
though for totally different scopes):

My company needs to develop this extension for both Firefox and
Explorer. When answering please specify if you can do it just for one
of the browsers or for both.
My company is prepared to pay for the job, provided it will be done
quickly and well. The deadline for the delivery time MUST be
respected. Don't even think to take this job unless you are prepared
to respect the schedule and do it properly.

If you are interested, please mail to: roberto (at) domina.it