Hi all,

The add-on developed by us is getting installed under this directory
({user}/Library/Application Support/Mozilla/profiles/
{gpou312}.defaults/extension/) in name of toolbar GUID in Mac. More or
less the add-on is getting installed in the similar folder structure
in Windows and Linux box. In Windows and Linux the toolbar works fine,
whereas it is not working in Mac. After investigation, we found all
the files related to our toolbar are set with read-only setting. For
our add-on, we are using sqlite db. Since sqlite is made read-only in
the installation, toolbar cannot access it in write mode and doesnít

Out of curiosity, I tried installing other add-ons like web developer
tool and sqlite manager in Mac and found they are working. Also found
all the files of those add-ons are having write permission. I have
cross checked the install.rdf and chrome.manifest file of my add-on
with these add-ons. I donít find any configuration stating this read-
only setting.

Is there any special setting required while packing the XPI files or
is there any configuration setting to be done anywhere in the add-on.
Please help in this regards.

Satheesh kumar