On Aug 2, 6:15*pm, Dave Townsend wrote:
> On 31/07/2009 22:02, AJ wrote:
> > Yes, my scripts are after the panes.

> > Under OS X (only) the OK/Cancel buttons do not show.
> > This is a known XUL bug, but the AMO reviewers reject the add-on for this.

> > Is there an easy XUL workaround ?

> It isn't a bug. On OSX the platform standard is not to show Ok/Cancel
> buttons in preferences windows. Preferences take effect immediately on
> changing in the dialog, there is no way to cancel those changes.

This is a XUL bug on Mac, you should get a button if the prefs
are applied immediately (just like under Gnome). To get /
on any platform just change the default browser behaviour by setting
the browser.preferences.instantApply to false.