Hi all,
(apologizes for asking 2 separate questions in same post)

1) I can track what user is typing in the Firefox URL bar
by adding an "input" event listener to the URL bar. The
same input listener reacts as well if user selects a url from
the autocomplete drop-down with the history entries, either
via mouse or keyboard. But if user presses Enter after having
entered a keyword, to execute the default web search for that
keyword (in my case Google), I do not seem to be able to get
the right event to listen to that. Despite the fact that the text in
the URL bar changes, from the keyword to (in my case):


I tried both "change" and "textentered" event listener with no luck.

Any hint anybody?

2) I can use the toolkit method "toggleSidebar()" to programmatically
show/hide a sidebar, and thanks to the broadcaster / command
framework, the item in the Firefox menu "View -> Sidebar"
to my sidebar is properly checked / unchecked. Is there an equivalent
method for toggling a toolbar, which automatically checks / unchecks
the item corresponding to my toolbar in the Firefox toolbar context
menu? Or more generally, is there a predefined broadcaster / command
for showing / hiding toolbars?

Thanks in advance for a any help