I'm currently trying to implement my first firefox-extension. For this
extension I would like to disable the mouse-wheel-scrolling for the
opener-window of a non-modal-window.
The opened window is a chrome-window and displays a list. To change
the selection, you can use the mousewheel. Now i've registered an
EventListener for the DOMMouseScroll to implement this action. Because
it's a non-modal window, it is also possible to add the same
EventListener to the opener.window and the list-scrolling works fine.
But the homepage loaded in the opener-browser scrolls too.

When I use a modal-window (which was my first intention to implement
it), the opener-EventListener does not work, only the scrolling with
the mouse-pointer over the opened-window.
Does anybody know how to register an global event-handler in XUL to
accept the DOMMouseScrollEvent for the (non-)modal-window but ignore
it for the opener?

Yours Dustin