Dear newsgroup,
I am dealing with little problem: I need to transfer string with
diacritics (extra characters for localized strings in Czech language)
from my XPCOM C++ code to Firefox XUL. I am doing it this way now:

NS_IMETHODIMP FireAccentXPCOM::Get_word(const char *component_path,
const char *word_to_convert, char ** output NS_OUTPARAM, PRInt32
*_retval NS_OUTPARAM)

where char ** output is string I need to transfer to XUL and this is
the way I copy it in C++ code:

PL_strcpy(*output, buffer);

The XPIDL header for my code is:

long get_word(in string component_path, in string word_to_convert, out
string output);

Now, what is the problem: the output that is displayed in firefox
looks like (czech word): "støecha", but it has to be: "střecha".
I read mozilla documentation about strings, but I am not sure if I had
to use nsAString, nsACString or whatever or some different type of
Does anybody know how to deal with this?

Thanks alot
Tomas Vymazal