On 30 avr, 20:15, Manuel Fiorelli wrote:
> 2009/4/29 Halem :
> > Now, I want to understand how a servlet which must performed in a
> > server, could be performed from an extension (an xpi file) which
> > doesn't include a server?...Maybe, the user who install this
> > extension, should primary launch a server, Tomcat for example, and
> > after this, he can use his extension ? *A such solution isn't
> > pratical, is it ?

> You could embed Jetty in your extension: it is an embeddable server
> written in Java.


yes, it's what I need : an embeddable server to run my servlet in the
extension. Thanks for the help Manuel !

I installed Jetty successfully. Now I need to deploy my .war file. I
read that I have two way to deploy it :

1) by the configuration of xml file.

2) put the . war in the webApp directory.

I choose the second way but it doesn't work...I don't understand why.

I notice there isn't an interface for administration in Jetty (and for
deployment)...like in Tomcat for example, is there ?!

And thanks Eric for your help : I wondered if firefox can recognize
Tomcat when I launch Tomcat ans.d run the servlet called frmo the
httpXmlRequest...Visibly no.

Best regards.