I have a strange problem with the context menu and no idea how to fix
it. It would be great if somebody knows what to do.

I read everything on this page: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/XUL/Po
.... Extensions , and do everything exactly as described.

This works with no problems:

Code: Select all


I get a new context menu entry.

But when I put these lines in the js files I get in trouble.

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var contextMenu = document.getElementById
if (contextMenu)
ThumbnailsShowHideItems, false);

The id and function name is different from this example in my
extension of course.

The Problem:
With this js code all menu entries added by extensions, included the
one from mine, disappears!
But the event is still fired correctly (alert test)

I have no idea what causes this strange behavior.
Maybe someone of you have a solution.

Thanks in advance
Best regards