>>Phillip Jones wrote:
>>>[...]sites[...]that use[ActiveX].

Site owners who insist on using junk that only *some* folks have
is another case of stupidity that surfers have to deal with.

Webmaster who don't know how to sniff for browsers properly
has also been mentioned.

Folks who go to stupid people's sites,
have to get to be smarter than those stupid people.

>Devils_Advocate wrote:
>>>I've run into a Bunch [of sites] that don't show up right
>>>because they are not written correctly.

Martin's link in news:hice6n$a60$1@news.albasani.net
is the starting point.
Most stupid webmasters don't even realize how stupid they are.

>>Where does that leave me though?

Reading the FAQ / Release Notes
for something you use is a good practice:

The other part of Martin's post adds a useful detail to that.

>>Sure you may be technically right,
>>but how can I use a browser that gives me so many blank pages?

Start by making sure it's not YOU whose preferences bork things.

NoOp has given a solution
that has been echoed and confirmed multiple times in this thread.

Again, a *smart* webmaster / site builder
would give you AN ERROR MESSAGE stating what is needed.

:Is SM a dying product?
No, but the number of folks who understand
HOW MANY ways a webmaster can screw up a web site
has always been a tiny proportion of users.

....and if a site owner has built a site
in a way that it will ONLY work with ONE browser
and he ISN'T listening to complaints to his email,
the obvious solution is to surrender to his stupidity
and use the browser he prefers.
Welcome to 1997.