On Dec 18, 9:15*am, Robert Kaiser wrote:
> Ray_Net wrote:
> > In SM 1.1.xx the second method was prefered because the first method did
> > not clean all registry entries. After a while, there are in the registry
> > traces about 1.1.9 , 1.1.10, 1.1.11, 1.1.12, etc ....

> > Is this "little bug" corrected ? Sure ?

> As far as I know, it is. We completely rewrote the whole installer and
> OS handling code. And the internal update function doesn't even use the
> installer. ;-)
> Robert Kaiser

I have looked around for the specific information I was looking for
regarding the Composer component of SeaMonkey 2.0. All I found was a
short thread from June 2008 that intimated that Composer was not being
supported any longer. That is too bad. Of course, if Kompozer was
still being updated, and it was integrated into SeaMonkey, that would
be great. I use Kompozer (and wondered if it had been abandoned,

I wanted to point out a bug in SeaMonkey Composer, but I suppose it is
moot now.

FYI, the bug is that when Composer is used to open a page, at the word
wrap points it converts 0x20 to 0x0d0a (CRLF) for viewing in the
Composer window, but it does not convert the 0x0d0a back to 0x20 upon
saving the file under Composer.

Again, I suspect that it is moot, AND I did not know where else to
report it. I have to avoid Composer now because of this bug. It is
too hard to go back into it and edit the file.