On Dec 16, 3:43*pm, Monica wrote:
> Mark Hansen wrote:
> > On 12/16/2009 2:13 PM, Phillip Jones wrote:
> >> I've noticed an issue and I don't believe it was in SM1.

> >> * From time to time (and its not every time). I will send a post andin
> >> the pop up window that indicate progression of sending. it will end up
> >> with message saying copy complete. But the window does not dismiss. it
> >> continues to show progress as though still sending. *And it will not
> >> dismiss until I close it. If I let it continue and check to see if sent
> >> it is; while progress bar is still running.

> >> SM 2 and now SM 2.0.1 *on G4 1.67GB 17" Powerbook 1 MB DSL line. *Any
> >> one else experience this.

> > This happens on SM 1.1.X as well. Just once in a rare while.

> I am having that problem too and have been wondering if it was just me.
> I didnīt have any problems like that in SM1.

I have seen this, occasionally. Seems more likely when sending a
large (MBs) mail, lots of graphics. Have noticed it happened with a
small mail soon after a large mail triggered it.