Martin Freitag wrote:
> Not@home schrieb:
> > In SM 2, the information is not automatically entered until I put in the
> > first letter of the user name, a minor hassle when one has multiple
> > usernames, and not, in my opinion, an improvement.

> You can also click in the empty box again to get the menu of all
> proposals directly.
> Though I prefered the auto-fill, too.

It's not a preference or even a minor hassle for me. What used to be
easily accessible via keyboard is now useless without a mouse. They
did A Bad Thing here.

> > So how
> > can I delete the many misspellings and the extraneous words that pop up
> > now, short of going back to an earlier version of SM?.

> Highlight the entry and press the Del key on your keyboard.

Typing in the URL location bar also now gives all kinds of excess crap
that I never expected (or want) to see. How can I stop it from making
suggestions based on page titles or query strings? Just stick with the
domain names, please!

Believe me, I understand the need to keep the SeaMonkey code base
current, but the more it starts to behave like Firefox, the less I
like it. :-(

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> Martin
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