On Nov 16, 8:44*pm, William Morrison wrote:
> Several times now while reading a emailmessagein SM 2.0 either themessagedisplay pane or the pane where read and unread messages are
> listed and on some occasions both places just goblank. To correct this
> I have to either click on anothermessagethen go back to the one I was
> reading or click on another subfolder in the account folder pane then
> back to that folder. If that made any sense could someone tell me what
> causes it and how to stop it from happening or is this just the nature
> of the email client of 2.0? I can tell by the sound my hard drive is
> making that the computer is doing something but from what I can tell it
> must be from inside SM because most of the time I don't have anything
> else running when it happens.
> --
> Big Bill
> Massillon, Oh USA

Here's some additional info,when these panes go blank I see that SM
2.0 is compacting or just finished compacting folders. I don't
remember 1.1.18 doing this while compacting folders and when 2.0 does
this if I have a message open in the message pane and both panes go
blank, if and when the list pane does fill back in the message pane is
blank as if I had just clicked on the folder.