On Nov 14, 6:32*pm, Phillip Jones wrote:
> JD wrote:
> > Erwin Castellanos wrote:
> >> It's a bug?

> >> When I tried to save this image to my local hard drive, SM show me the"Save Image" dialog box but instead of the
> >> image's name, (file name) SM show "url.html" and "Save as Type": SeaMonkey Document. But if I do "Copy Image" and
> >> paste it in paint by instance, it works.

> >> Here is the link for reference.:

> >>http://www.olcsobbat.hu/static/produ...02/1002351.jpg

> >> Is there a way to fix it or it's a bug in SM 2.0?

> > When I right mouse click on the image you posted the link to, I get the
> > Save Image dialog box and I can save it as a .jpg. I don't know why it's
> > not working for you.

> Is this problem on a Mac or PC? ON Mac I can save *image in jpeg(jpg),
> giff (gif), png, *Pdf, and other formats.
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This is a problem on PC (win xp pro) in jpg format, but maybe is my SM
installation, 'cause I was using SM 1.1.18 the upgrade it to SM 2.0
RC1, RC2 and finaly to 2.0, I will do a fresh install and see what