Robert Kaiser wrote:
> Bill Spikowski wrote:
> > I've tried several auto-form-completion methods; IMO, the current SM
> > form manager works at least as well as any others across a broad
> > spectrum of web forms. To me this is a must-have feature for a web
> > browser, and I'd be happy to have exactly the same interface maintained
> > in the future.

> There won't be the same interface unless someone writes code for it.
> That said, for me, the SeaMonkey 1.x form manager never really worked
> well for anything, but the new form autocompletion stuff we have in the
> SeaMonkey 2 Alpha codebase works like a charm and is very, very helpful
> to me on a daily basis.

Speaking of the new form autocomplete stuff can someone verify and
check in the minor fix for bug 460466 before the next alpha -
> Robert Kaiser