On Jan 24, 3:45*am, "Terry R." wrote:
> On 1/23/2010 12:50 PM On a whim, Ron Hunter pounded out on the keyboard
> > On 1/23/2010 11:13 AM, Larry Sheldon wrote:
> >> On 1/23/2010 10:38 AM, pan wrote:

> >>> I'm too old to want to change my habits/expectations.

> >> The way you want to do things is irrelevant to the greater good, as
> >> determined by the elite.

> >> I just got chased from the Thunderbird froup on this issue, and I hate
> >> to see somebody else get flamed the way I was.

> >> This will be my last on this subject, I came here to see if I could find
> >> an explanation for why 3.6 is so incredibly slow--ten times slower that
> >> 3.5 was, and that was really hard to take.

> >> By the way, I finally figured out why I was losing tabs last
> >> night--exactly the problem here. And I agree completely.

> >> I'm about to replace all of the Mozilla products I use, if I can find
> >> some that will do the work I want done, instead of the smoke, mirrors,
> >> games and illusions The Developers think are so important.

> > If you would rather learn to use a new product, which I promise will
> > have quirks of its own, be my guest. *If you want help, then just ask..
> > There is usually a way to return to the old way of doing things, if you
> > are patient enough to find it, or wait until someone figures it out.

> >>> Is there anything in preferences/about.config that would change
> >>> tab opening behavior to what I've been used too?

> >> Most of the things you are used to are prevented as a design goal (for
> >> want of a term).

> >> It is the Progressive's way of doing things.

> > Some people just CAN'T seem to deal with change.

> Why do we have to deal with it? *Why can't it be an OPTION instead of
> set in stone? *The stupid DEVS get us to deal with it for so long and
> then decide to change it! *So we adapt and then they decide it should be
> different? *Just because THEY can't make up their minds doesn't mean we
> have to throw around like the waves in the ocean!
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Those "stupid DEVS" have provided you with a very impressive product
in the eyes of many. Just because you don't agree with something
they've done does not make them "stupid". You making that comment
would come closer to the definition of stupid in the opinion of many
I'm sure.

I don't know if every change is driven by user demand. Some may not
be, but I'm sure a good number of them are. With a user base as large
as what FF has, you (the end user) has to expect that some of the
changes that you see won't be what you want. That doesn't mean it's
not what someone else wanted. It's impossible to please everybody.
Therefore if you are that displeased with something in the latest
release, your options are 1 - suck it up and live with it, 2 - roll
back to a prior version, 3 - switch browsers, 4 - unplug your