On Jan 24, 11:04*pm, Larry Sheldon wrote:
> On 1/24/2010 7:22 PM, Alan Baxter wrote:
> > Larry Sheldon *wrote:
> >> I am the Joe Btfsplk of data processing. *I think I mentioned that I
> >> have trouble reports going back most of 50 years where the expert said
> >> "Gees, nobody has reported that before" or some variant thereof.

> > I'm sorry I tried to help. *Good luck with your problem.

> I am seriously and genuinely sorry for making anybody sorry they tried
> to help.
> I never intended to do that. *I was and am annoyed at the people who put
> in the position of needing help, but not the people that helped or tried
> to. *If there is overlap, I'll leave that for y'all to work out.

You do realize Larry that this is a list of volunteer users like
yourself, right? Some on the list may be officially involved with the
Firefox Development Team, but participate in this community support
group because they want to try and help as well, not because it's a
requirement (I stand to be corrected on that, but that's my
understanding of this list). So the advice you get is from regular
users who are trying to help based on their knowledge and experience
with FF. You may get asked more than once what issues you are having
because not everybody has a good threaded view of the messages on this
list (I use Google Groups and it does a nice job in that respect).

The uses that try to help others on this list all have their personal
threshold of when they'll throw their hands up in the air and give up
trying to help someone (for whatever reason) just like each user
asking for help will have their own threshold when they'll say forget
it and drop the topic. Sounds like you've reach that threshold along
with some users. Others are still willing to help if you are willing
to work through their troubleshooting advice and answer their

All the best.