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> > Chuck Anderson wrote:

> >> I was trying to get some extra detail about a cookie stored on my
> >> computer today, so I went to sqlite manager and tried to look at the
> >> cookies.sqlite file. *No luck, and no error message telling me why.
> >> I searched and searched and have finally found that the
> >> cookies.sqlite file is locked by Firefox3.5 (was not done in previous
> >> version), so Sqlite Manager can not read the cookies database.

> > Sqlite Manager is also available as a stand-alone application which can
> > be used while Fx is not running. *All versions are available on its
> > home page.

> Thanks to both responders. I suppose I'll try the stand-alone sqlite
> manager, although it still won't let me look at cookies while FF is
> open, which is my ultimate goal.
> And actually, the easiest thing I've found is to make a copy of the
> cookies.sqlite file and then open that. *This can be done while FF is
> still open.
> I still wish I knew of a way to see when a cookie was set, especially
> the session cookies (which are not in cookies.sqlite).
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You can set your preferences (Tools, Options in Windows; Edit,
Preferences in Linux). Go under the privacy tab. For the pull down
menu for history options, select custom. For cookies, accept cookies
and third party cookies (default). For Keep Until, change it to "Ask
me every time". Now when you navigate every single cookie request
will come up and prompt you to allow or deny it. Not the most
convenient way, but one way to do it without any add-ons.