On Jan 21, 2:44*am, Chuck Anderson wrote:
> I was trying to get some extra detail about a cookie stored on my
> computer today, so I went to sqlite manager and tried to look at the
> cookies.sqlite file. *No luck, and no error message telling me why. *I
> searched and searched and have finally found that the cookies.sqlite
> file is locked by Firefox3.5 (was not done in previous version), so
> Sqlite Manager can not read the cookies database.
> Is there another way to read detail about cookies (other than Options ->
> Privacy -> Show Cookies)? *I want to know when it was last accessed (or
> even better, if when the cookie was saved).
> (IE cookies are stored in files, so one can always look at the file date.)
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Two options exists. The easiest for most people is to create a second
profile in FF and install sqlite manager in that profile. You can
then start that profile and run sqlite manager from it and point it to
the cookies.sqlite file from your default profile.

The second option is to install sqlite manager as a stand alone
XulRunner application. You can get the latest version of it at

And you can get sqlite manager at http://code.google.com/p/sqlite-manager/