On Jan 20, 7:55*pm, Miles wrote:
> * Miles wrote, On 1/20/2010 14:47:
> > If I start profile mgr with Run-"firefox.exe" -p the mgr opens and
> > seen are "default" and "firefox."

> > * *From there clicking on firefox opens it. *But clicking on
> > "default" reads that it's already running - even after rebooting.
> > The path to "default" is erroneous, providing ..../firefox
> > profile/xxxxxx.default, and the xxxxx are not characters of the
> > current profile which is located on D drive -- should the default be a
> > path on C drive or is there a way to change the path (xxxx) to the
> > current profile? *-- I don't know where it should be looking for a
> > default path.

> > How do I correct the default path and to what?
> > Miles

> Discovered that there is a 2nd profile under FX3 which I had changed
> the name to TEST. *Deleted the TEST, and now default opens the current
> full version of FX, but with older tabs, 5 of 6 won't load. *Can I
> simply delete this older profile? *Or is it needed as a default for
> some reason?

You can safely delete it. Do so from the Profile manager (choosing to
delete the files as well). If necessary you'll have to go with
Windows Explorer afterwards to further clean things up if your profile
name doesn't quite match.