On Jan 18, 1:14*pm, g wrote:
> clarjon1 wrote:
> > Building a site, using web developer toolbar, etc,

> those are obvious reasons, already stated by another poster in another thread,
> and may well be op's reasons.
> but it still does not answer *why*.
> which is reason i sent him reply and links as i did.
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> peace out.
> tc,hago.
> g

I guess it begs the question, does it matter why? Will that likely
result in a different way of running two profiles? No, but I guess
primal curiosity, looking to learn interesting ways people are making
use of Firefox, or possibly offering a solution "outside the box"
could be reasons why you may want to know why. But I'm only guessing
of course that some of those may be why you'd want to/need to know

I'm not saying there is anything wrong at all with asking why, but
someone may not want to disclose why. Just throwing that out as food
for thought.