On Jan 16, 8:16*pm, Robert M Jones m...@NOSPAMyahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> If I close FF with multiple tabs open, an alert window asks me if I just

I> want to quit or to quit and save the open tabs for next time.
> It doesn't matter what I click, FF opens with my homepage next time
> forgetting the previous tabs.
> I don't save my history or cache and have FF set to remember virtually
> nothing. Does this render the alert box on close-down irrelevant? I'm
> not bothered - it just "looks" bad when Ff alerts offer to do something
> and then don't do it. It would make more sense if ticking the boxes for
> no history to be saved, also cancelled the close-down alert box and
> prevented it from opening.
> Or is there a bug here?
> 3.5.7 on Win XP Home SP3

I can't imagine that is the problem. If you save your current
browsing session it gets saved to sessionstore.js. That would not/
should not be affected by clearing your history. Have you tried to
enable your history to see if it works? The other possibility that
comes to mind is private browsing. Do you have the option selected to
automatically start in private browsing? If so, that might be the