On Jan 14, 6:24*am, Don wrote:
> After registering with my insurance company's Website the PW doesn't
> stick, Is there some way I can force FF to remember it?
> Also confusing is that when I enter the first letter of my User ID by
> hand FF will offer several options. Where are they coming from?
> Thanks.
> Don

Secure sites (which I would expect an insurance company would use when
connecting to it) won't retain the password for security reasons. You
could use something else outside of your browser to remember it. But
the browser won't remember it. Regards the User ID, when you are on a
page that has boxes to fill, each box is assigned a name (a
variable). When you enter information in a box, Firefox stores that
in your form history (in Firefox 2 it's in the file formhistory.dat
located in your Firefox user profile folder, whereas in Firefox 3 it's
stored in formhistory.sqlite). Next time to go to that website and
are on that box, you can hit the down arrow to pull up what you've
typed before, or as you noticed when you start typing it will display
what matches from what you typed before for that box.

Now let's say you go to abc123.com and fill out a form of sorts. One
of the boxes is called "name" (you don't see the actual name unless
you go in the source code of the web page). This is known as a
variable. You enter your name. What you entered for "name" gets
saved in your formhistory.dat (you can configure FF so it doesn't do
that in the meantime). You later go to xzy789.com and fill out a form
there. They also have a box called "name". You start typing your
name and see it appear in the drop down. Yet you've never been to
that page before. The reason is because they are using the exact same
name for that box as the one that was used on the other site that you
already completed. You see all Firefox knows is that you are
currently on a box called "name". It doesn't care which site you are
on, only the name of the box (as it relates to this feature). So it
will look in its formhistory file for all prior instances where you
entered information in a box called "name" to see if it can match any
of it to what you are starting to type.

These box names are case sensitive. So a box called "name" is not the
same as one called "Name". And I can create a web page where on the
screen you'll see

Name: __________________________

But in the source code I could call that box "dog", or whatever. So
don't get confused by what you see displayed on screen. That's not
necessarily the name of the box (but often a web developer might use
the same for the variable name for the box).

Hope this helps,