On Dec 22, 1:09*am, louise wrote:
> When I open FF - but DO NOT sign in, I am still getting
> suggested usernames for gmail.
> I have several gmail accounts. *If I get the sign in box for
> Firefox and I cancel it rather than signing in to FF, when I
> go to Gmail and double click in the username box, I still
> get a list of all the gmail usernames I have.
> Therefore, anyone using my computer, even though they do not
> have my FF username/sign in, could still get a list of all
> my gmail account names.
> How do I stop this?
> Thanks.
> Louise

As pointed out by Terry, it's a setting in Firefox to remember form
data. This includes webmail login pages as they use an input field
just like any other HTML form. The setting Terry pointed out, to
clear Form and Search History, will take care of that for you. You
can set Firefox to automatically clear that on exit if you wish, or
manually do it. Note that this is not selective. Therefore any other
form info you've entered that you may want to retain also gets
cleared. It does not clear your saved passwords in the meantime so
you are good to go there.

Alternatively you could create a second Firefox profile. Create an
icon on the desktop that starts with that profile (i.e to start a
profile you've called guests that is located at the standard location
for Firefox profiles you'd use the shortcut: firefox.exe -p guests).
This way when a guest uses your PC, have so they click on that FF icon
(and keep the shortcut for your profile hidden from the desktop) they
go into the guest profile.

But seeing we are on the issue of privacy, consider taking it a step
further and creating a guest account for your OS. This way you log
out of your account when you are not using the computer. If a guest
wants to use it, they can log into the guest account thus keeping them
away from your Firefox settings as well as all your documents and
such. This is advisable even for other family members - each have
their own Operating System account.