This is a new problem for me and almost impossible to describe. When
using Google Maps in Firefox, if I perform a search for an address (or
something more generic), the page that loads will display the results
in a left hand panel that appears to be about half the width of my
screen (so far so good). If I then click the little "<<" arrows to
"hide" the left-hand results panel, the panel does not disappear, but
rather shrinks to about 100 pixels wide and becomes transparent. The
left panel scroll bar remains visible and functional, parts of the
text from my search remain visible, and the zoom in/zoom out slider
associated with the map is visible, but it appears under the text from
the search and is useless -- clicking on the plus and minus buttons
does nothing. I've never had this problem with Firefox before, and I
don't have it currently with Safari. Any thoughts would be appreciated.