On Dec 20, 7:47*am, Dhina wrote:
> Hi,
> www.calvarytabernacle.in
> I am not able to view the updated content on the above site using mozilla
> firefox.
> I tried to flush cache but in vain.
> Dont know what is the problem. Please help.
> I think I use firefox 3.5.2 (Also please let me know how to find which
> version we are using after installation)
> Thanks.
> Dhinakaran V
> Ph: 98410 78899

I accessed the site (FF 3.5.6 on latest Ubuntu). It does require
installing a plugin that is restricted in some countries according to
the disclaimer. But otherwise no problems. I didn't go beyond
skipping the intro and seeing if the pull down menus displayed
properly. Are you able to get that far or is it not working at all?

Ron gave some good advice - safe mode & new profile. If it works
after doing that, then the problem is with an extension you have
installed or something corrupted in your current FF profile.