On Dec 18, 12:53*pm, "s|b" wrote:
> On Fri, 18 Dec 2009 09:22:36 -0600, Ron Hunter wrote:
> > > Well then, is there a setting where I change the *maximum* number of
> > > days? I can't really see the use of a minimum numbers of days. :-?

> > The setting IS a maximum. *It could have been worded better, perhaps,

> It is confusing, because (IIRC) older versions of Fx had a similar
> setting as the one in IE: 'Days to keep pages in history'
> > but it plainly means you shouldn't expect MORE than 7 days retention in
> > History. *There MIGHT be more, but it will keep at least 7 days history.
> > This wording implies that the program is going to allocate space for the
> > maximum space that 7 days of average history retention would take, and
> > then add a pad to it. *Obviously, if you browsed only one day that week,
> > it would probably retain most of the next week also.

> Isn't there a way, perhaps through about:config, to prevent the history
> to save /more/ than 7 days?
> --
> s|b

In Firefox there is an about:config preference called
browser.history_expire_days in addition to one called
browser.history_expire_days_min. The second one is the one you set
via the GUI. I suspect (although haven't tested) that the first one
would control the maximum number of days to retained as the name
appears to imply. A GUI option to set the maximum would be a user
feature one could request through Bugzilla. In the past you would set
a maximum. I never noticed that it got changed to a minimum now.

I have a feeling FF is doing this because it enhances the value of the
address bar by being able to pull something from history when you
start typing. The more history you have, the more it can draw from
the history and try and make it more accurate.

Regards clear on exit, there is a setting to ask a person if they want
to clear the stuff on exit in addition to the one that says clear on
exit. By default FF will ask if you want to clear your privacy
settings on exit vs deleting them without asking if you select the
option to clear on exit. A user can cancel the clearing of settings,
or selectively control what gets deleted (i.e. not history, or not
history if there is a bookmark for that item). So although it appears
contradictory, it's not. I can select that option and choose to
automatically clear my cookies and form data on exit, but not my
history. In that case my history still gets retained while selective
privacy data is deleted without touching the history.